Learn How to Start a Blog

My name is Seth and I want to teach you how to start your own blogging journey. It’s easier than you would expect and you’ll be earning income and having fun with it in no time!

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Reasons to Start a Blog

Earn a Living

There's no better way to make money working from home.

Follow Your Passion

Enhance your life with something you're passionate about.

Write and Journal

If you love to write, you'll find blogging fun and easy.

Teach Others

Find satisfaction in passing your knowledge to others, like me!

Hobby Skills

Level up your hobby skills by starting a blog about them.

Mental Well-Being

Experience peace-of-mind and a sense of purpose blogging.

First Step is the Hardest

Step 1: Getting Started

Unless you’ve worked with websites in the past, starting your first blog seems daunting. That’s why I break each step down for you, making it easy for you to run a successful blog in no time.

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Domain Name

Start with a domain name that matches your niche choice.


Many web hosts offer a 1-click installation of WordPress

Web Host

Select an online web host platform for your website.


Plugins make WordPress sites powerful and easy to run.​

Plugins to Protect Your Website

hacking-2964100_1280 (1)


Prevent malicious hackers from compromising your site.


Avoid thousands of spam comments and email on your blog.

GDPR Compliance

Even if you don't live in the EU, you should still comply with GDPR.

Want Content Delivered Straight to Your Inbox?

Step 2: Design Your Website

WordPress themes and block editors make customizing your blog easier. Although many theme settings don’t require you to know HTML or CSS, it does help. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to make your perfect website.

Custom Theme

There’s no need to start from scratch when designing your blog. Choose from thousands of themes available online, both free and premium.

Block Editor

Block editors make customizing each section on your website as easy as point-and-click. While minimal coding is always necessary, block editors combine professional web design and development, making your life easier.

Step 4: Create Content

Writing blog posts seems overwhelming at first. Here’s my approach.


Creating content people want to read starts with finding the best keywords. Learn how to research keywords now.


Once you find your keywords, it's time to start writing. Learn how to write a wide variety of blog post types.


Unless you're an English major, editing is a daunting task. I'll show you good web apps to make it easy.


Using the best images is paramount to getting your content read. Aim for eye-catching feature images.

Step 5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now that you have some content created, it’s time to get a bunch of visitors checking it out. I’ll show you how to use SEO to consistently grow your monthly visitors , grow your social media following, and track your site’s performance.

Grow Traffic

Track Traffic

Site Performance

Earn a Living

Step 6: Monetize Your Website

Once you have a decent amount of monthly visitors, it’s time to make money from your blog. All of your hard work pays off if you focus on items your visitors are most interested in. 

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most widely used method of monetizing a website.

Sell Products

Sell your own products to control products and generate more revenue

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing provides bloggers a better opportunity to earm more.


There's nothing better than recurring monthly revenue for bloggers.

Free Bonus!

Here are additional items to enhance your blog.

Custom Email Address

Appear more professional to your email subscribers by using a custom email address with your domain name.

Publish Podcasts

Podcasts are an easy way to reach more people and increase your blog's monthly visitors keeping them engaged.

YouTube Channel

Level up from podcasts and create a YouTube channel to reach a vast amount of potential visitors to your site.

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