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So I love AppSumo. Like LOVE the site. It seems like there’s a new amazing app available for $60 USD for a lifetime deal every day. That’s how I discovered

I recently started sending a daily newsletter to my email subscribers on which contains the best daily deals on Kindle sci-fi books. (Subscribe here). After a week of manually creating these emails, I found it tedious. One night I even forgot to prep it to send for the next day and had to wake up early the next morning to take care of it. Not fun.

What is fun, however, is watching my newsletter subscriber list grow and having those subscribers use my affiliate links to make purchases. This is my full-time gig, after all. But I wanted something better to offer my subscribers. What I really wanted was something like Dan from TL;DR newsletter send out (you can, and should, subscribe to it: click here).

I had no idea how Dan put the email together every day. I assumed he used an RSS feed compiler and hand-picked the posts that interested him the most. Maybe he did and still does add posts to his newsletter manually. I doubt it, though. It’s just not efficient, especially for a 1-person show like mine.

When I found rasa, it was like Noah Kagan whispered in my ear, “I have the perfect app for you,” and as creepy as it was that Noah whispered in my ear, he was right.

Check out some of these features:

  • AI-curated content
  • Send customized newsletters to everyone on your list
  • Works in tandem with other email automation tools
  • Aggregate content from your own site and external sources (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or RSS feeds) plus control which articles get included in your newsletter
  • Automatically designates content for each subscriber based on their unique interests and behaviors
  • Templates include spaces to place affiliate links for products, or your own product links

Not only was the onboarding process seamless, you get access to’s Professional Plan for your lifetime, plus you get all future Professional Plan updates. Oh, and it’s GDPR compliant.

Their customer service seems responsive, especially based on the questions I’ve seen on their AppSumo page.

Lastly, you can have newsletters for multiple websites, so works great if you have a digital agency with many clients or if you’re like me and run multiple personal websites.

Here’s a screenshot of my first newsletter:

If you have any questions on using, or email marketing in general, leave a comment below. I’ve spent the last few months learning everything I can about it and have complied a vast amount of resources for it.